Every year from the 21st day of the fifth lunar month up till the 27th day, Guandu Temple will organize a seven-day ritual of the Precious Penance of the Liang Emperor. By paying respect to Buddha and worshipping the penance, they can hope for the clearance of karmic hindrances, avert disasters and increase happiness and wisdom, allowing one to stay calm and peaceful.

【Join on Line】(Ritual of Liang Emperor)

  ‘Precious Penance of Liang Emperor’ was written by 10 religious specialists whom were invited by Liang Emperor in Liang dynasty, to rescue Queen from purgatory. Dedicating his life into studying Canons of Buddhism, Liang Emperor was a pious Buddhist. He built temples and hold ceremonies. His Queen Chi, however, had been so malicious that she became a python after death. She begged Liang Emperor for saving her from pain, so Liang Emperor invited religious specialists to write down 10 volumes of penance, according to the points of contrition in Canons of Buddhism, to confess for Queen Chi, who was able to get rid of the body of the python and went to Paradise. Considering as ‘King of Penance’, ‘Precious Penance of Liang Emperor’ has passed down through more than 1,000 years, which is a highly-respected canon. The merits of the ritual can also be transferred to closed ones who are still alive, or deceased relatives to clear karmic hindrances. Worshippers wishing to participate in the ritual have to register in advance. They can use the merits gained from the penance ritual to increase their wisdom, blessing, peace and good luck.