To promote religion and culture of Mazu, Chen Lin-Fu suggested engraving the wall with stories of Mazu’s miracles at the front of the hill (at the right of God of Prosperity Pit) in 2000. Approved by Board of Directors and Supervisors, Managing Director and Chief of Staff Huang Zheng-Xiong served as the convener to establish a group for the project and lead all Board of Directors, Supervisors, and the construction unit to make plans for the construction. Based on the legends of miracles of Mazu before She passed away, feats for protecting the state and people, and history and legends after Guandu Temple was built, they organized the stories into various themes, managed the engineering design and contract work, and supervised the construction.

  Master stone sculptor Wang Jing-Min was in charge of the huge stone carving construction. Made of the top quality limestone from Fujian, the carving is created through techniques of line carving, relief, and openwork carving. The titles of the stories are also engraved over the works. After eight years, in 2008, the 105-meter-long work was finally completed. The magnificent work is a gigantic work on the miracles of Mazu created in modern period of time. A monument engraved with ‘Record of the Carving on the Miracles of Mazu’ was also erected in memory of the great work.

  Generally speaking, the relief on the miracles of Mazu is designed with consecutive panels in three. That is, every three panels of miracles of Mazu are inserted with patterns of good fortune. The stories start from the birth of Mazu to Her protection of the state and people when She became a goddess. Then they subsequently describe Mazu being bestowed as Holy Mother in Heaven, how the religion spread to Taiwan by ancestors, and legends from the establishment of Guandu Temple on.